Frequently Asked Questions
What is a RoomRotator?
A RoomRotator is an interactive panoramic image. It give viewers the ability to click and drag
a photograph to look in every direction from the center of the room. This allows the viewer to
experience what it is like to be at the location from the comfort of their computer.
How is the image created?
To make the final image, there are several important steps...  
1. Six ultra-wide angle digital images are taken using a specially designed tripod head and
camera lens
2. Images are digitally "stitched" together to create a single flat image with a full 360 degree
3. Flattened image is digitally projected on a spherical plane and the final RoomRotator is
Who would need a RoomRotator?
There are countless applications for RoomRotators, these are the most common...

Real Estate
Allows an owner or agent to show the property to prospective renters/buyers with out actually
physically being there. This can save both time and money by reducing travel expenses. It
also opens up the property to prospective customers all over the world, as it is no longer
necessary to physically be in the location to get a good feel for the property.

Gives a business the opportunity to show customers a "behind the scenes" look at its
headquarters, manufacturing plant, store front, or any other aspect of the business it would
like to share. This creates a closer relationship between the customer and business.

Easily catalog every visible item in a room for review in if an insurance claim must be made.
How long does it take?
The full process moves very quickly and can be completed in as little as two days. There
are three steps to the process.

1. Make an appointment with a Room Rotator photographer (usually 2-3 days in advance)

2. Photographer comes to the location and takes pictures (only takes about 30 minutes to
set up and take the photographs)

3. Images are processed and published to (1-2 days)
How do I prepare for the photo shoot?
The location should be clean and free from clutter. Keep in mind anything that you can see
from the center of the room will be seen in the final image. The area should be well lit so that
all the details of the room can be seen. When taken during the day, open window shades
should provide sufficient lighting.  
Do I need a website to have a RoomRotator?
No. All RoomRotators can be hosted at However, RoomRotators can
easily be transferred via email or CD and posted to your own website.
How do I place an order?
Orders can  be placed through email or by phone.

Contact Andrew at...


phone 858.436.4529
How is the image created?
Who would need a RoomRotator?
How long does it take?
How do I prepare for the photo shoot?
Do I need a website to have a panoramic image?
How do I place an order?
What is a RoomRotator?